Tuesday, September 9, 2014

first day of our little home school

we had our first day of homeschool a couple weeks ago, and so far our year has been going well. 

here are some pictures from that special first day.  

yes, they opened a bunch of presents on our first day of school.
but they were all school supplies, like scissors.

and glue sticks. 

our electric pencil sharpener was a big hit this year. 

she has been doing great with her planner and her "work on her own" assignments.  
she's been so excited to start math.  too funny. 

science with the girls while ian naps. 

this is avery's first official bible and bible study.  her alarm goes off at 7:40 and she does a few pages in this before starting morning routine.  
she's so grown up. 

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