Wednesday, September 10, 2014

vegas vacation

matt and rocio took us to vegas when they were here in august. :)

we had a great time with them without the constant distraction of our little cherubs who love their aunt and uncle to pieces.  

we saw zarkana and o.

matt got us 4th row seats to o. 
we were so, SO close.
what an incredible show. 

there was this little seating area with misters by the pool at our little resort. dave and i sat out here for almost 3 hours one afternoon.
this is where i devoured kelly corrigan's glitter and glue.
i read that whole thing on that trip. great book. 

we watched the bellagio fountain like 5 times. 
they never did play a frank sinatra song.  darn. 

i won 30 dollars in a slot machine with this hand. 
 i don't know whether to be proud or ashamed of this.
(recovering legalist ;)) 

what a blessing this trip was!  
so fun to spend some quality time with my brother and sister in law. 
thanks for blessing us with this fun weekend, m and r! we love you. 

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