Thursday, September 11, 2014

these things happened, too

we put a new lawn in our backyard this summer.  that was a crazy amount of work. 

dave and his dad wheel barrowed in TONS of top soil, the kids thought it was a riot to get buried by grandpa. 

ian helped grandpa and daddy for a long, long time. 
i was seriously impressed with how long he worked right along side them. 

and, oh my gosh, these next three pictures are some of my favorites of ian and dave. 

adorable right? 

us girls just like to read on the nice grass that our boys take care of for us ;)

before rocio left, mom, grandma velma and i all went to get pedicures with her. 

i don't know why i do that. 

grandma was HILARIOUS with the guy working on her feet. 
she is such a kick. 
i was so glad she came with us!

a blurry one of a little family trip down to the pueblo river walk.  

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Laura said...

Your front yard looks amazing!! I want to see an after pic of the back!