Monday, September 15, 2014

he's four

well, the month of september has been an emotional one for me.  avery going to second grade has got me a bit worked up with all of our homeschooling stuff.  we are doing a LOT and 2nd grade feels so big, like, i pretty much need to have my act together for schooling her at home. ;) lots of prayers, lots of second guessing and, thankfully, lots of peace from Jesus.

and ashton starting kindergarten.  goodness,  so many emotions there.  so proud. so thankful.  and also a bit sad.

and then ian just turned 4 on saturday.

i need a nice long break from milestones around here.  ;)

the birthday festivities began on friday night before his birthday.  he helped me mix up and bake his cakes.

during the weeks leading up to his birthday, he would randomly ask me if he would be able to lick the "thing" when we made his cake.  yes, little boy, you can lick the thing.  :)

saturday morning he woke up to his birthday donut and birthday balloon.

he's super into transformers these days.  here is his "octimus prime" balloon the morning of his birthday.

then we had 3 soccer games.  ian's was last.

he gave his soccer team cupcakes after the game and then we went to chic fil a and the girls gave them their presents.

avery picked out a transformers cup.

and ashton got him a transformers coloring book.

when we got home, ian helped me start frosting his cakes.

and, let's be honest, after he took a chunk of the cake off with this first spoonful of frosting, i said "thanks!"  "good job"  and shooed him away to finish his movie while i attempted to turn cake and frosting into something resembling bumble bee and optimus prime.  boy cakes are hard.

on sunday dave and i taught at church and then we came home and did a whirlwind clean up of the house and tried to get it party ready while mom and dad watched the kids.

singing to our favorite 4 year old!

can you believe his little face while we sang?!? so sweet.

licking the frosting off of his transformers.

ready for presents!

love you little man.  thank you for reminding us every day that God is gracious.

He sure was gracious to give us you!  your life is a gift.

ian's BIRTH day post here. 

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