Thursday, September 18, 2014

more of our four year old

kayla snapped some pictures during ian's birthday party.

i treasure this one.  :)

and i love the dangly feet on the birthday table. 

it was very important that emi be at ian's party.  he asked me every day for a whole week if emi was going to be there. 


i mean, look at that preciousness!
he's so fun to give presents to. 

i love this one, too. 

this is when ian opened a little flight suit that dave used to wear when he was 4. (dave's dad was a fighter pilot)  if you look close you can see a picture of dave as a four year old wearing the flight suit. 

we put it on him and brought him out and he was absolutely too adorable to not immediately burst out with an "ahhhhh" and lots of aunts and grandma's and sisters saying "ahhhh" made him super embarrassed.  so we didn't get a great picture, but i'm okay with that, because i LOVE this one. 
daddy will make it better and check out both of his little hands clutching his new fighter planes.  

he's the cutest.  

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