Monday, October 6, 2014

lone duck

back in august, dave's parents treated us to a weekend camping trip to lone duck in woodland park. 
 they have a pretty sweet little camper and provided all of the food.

we just had to show up with our tent and sleeping bags.

 it's a cute little campground.
a heated swimming pool.
a vintage arcade.
a playground
a fishing pond. 

by the end of our time, i'm pretty sure our kids felt like they ran the place. 
 obviously, the best parts were the morning fires and the evenings fires. 

fishing was too adorable.

 the girls loved the worms. 

 we caught one!  and grandpa cleaned it and fried it and we ate it that night.
we bribed the kids with quarters for the arcade if they would try it and they all did. 

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