Saturday, October 4, 2014

the one about darkness and release parties

it's october now and i almost don't need the calendar to tell me that, i feel it in my soul.

i can't believe how perfect the temperature is right now. it's sunny, but not hot.  the air is crisp, but not cold.  fall in colorado is fantastic.

there is a longing that has been creeping in, a longing for home and puzzles by the fire and rosy cheeked kids sipping hot cocoa after snow play.

it's sometime right around now when evening play transitions from bikes and swing-sets to legos and play doh. isn't it funny how much we need and long for both?  after long winters indoors our souls are crying for outdoor play!  bike rides!  sunshine!  and then the hot sun of august (and september!) has us wishing for read alouds by the fire and going to bed early and slipping into our favorite worn out sweatshirt. seasons are so very important to me.  and we have great ones here. :)

i'm reading learning to walk in the dark by barbara brown taylor.  it is fantastic and fascinating and it's been interesting reading it as we are about to enter into the months where the sun sleeps longer and the darkness comes quickly in the late afternoon.  i'm learning and beginning to understand how much there is for us in the darkness.  the darkness holds it's own sort of beauty and begs for bravery within us.  there's this part where she talks about watching the stars at night (she lives out in the boonies) and thinking about how they are ALWAYS up there shining brilliantly,  but we can only see them in the darkness.  such fun mind food.  let me know if you've read it or do read it.  would be a fun one to talk about.


proper released it's 4th vintage this week and people are saying they like the 2012 more than the infamous 2010, so that's good.  we had a release party last night.  good appetizers, great wine and several of our friends and supporters.  it's an unlikely story, our little 8 acres nestled in the walla walla valley making a name for itself. i'm so proud of dave and the guys.   i'm so proud of our grapes and the unusual stoney soil they grow in that make them so fantastic for wine.  but, for real, a room full of amazing people i know and love and want to talk to?   i just don't love that so much.  it's weird that i was so excited about a release party that i was kind of dreading going to.  :)  dave and i were chatting about it last night and he thinks most people don't feel like i do, so it'd be fascinating to see where you stand on the issue.

dressing up, wine/apps, tons of good friends in a "mingling" sort of environment.  yay? or nay?

dave took this on his phone after his little schpeel

by the way.  go here to get some proper 2012 for yourself and let us know if you think it is "utterly captivating" like the wine advocate claims. ;)

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Laura said...

I am with you. I big "NAY!" Sounds very stressful and exhausting to me.