Tuesday, March 10, 2015

let's see...

what a lovely picture.  

in this picture, dave is sawing our upstairs bathroom tub in half. 

we are in the middle of our bathroom remodel. 

we ripped out everything down to the studs and dave is slowly putting it all back together piece by piece, you tube video by you tube video.  
he's kind of amazing. 

we ate free breakfast at chic fil a every single tuesday in february.  we know how to milk a good deal.  we even got to dine with our wonderful gg's a couple of times.

the kids have started a little gymnastics class.  it's in our neighborhood.  it's a perfect, quiet hour for me and they all love it. 

these two sat on the couch for the better part of an hour just listening to their play-a-ways. 
too cute. 

i'm a sucker for reading pictures.

we had quite a few warm days strung together at the beginning of february.

nothing like watermelon and sunglasses the day before a winter storm.
colorado is amazing. 

this was a sweet moment. 
working with avery on roman numerals.......

while ian and ash had their own little games going on in the play room. 

such a peaceful few moments. 

log cabin building.

valentines day! 

there's nothing much better than life long friends. 
i'm sorry that i managed to snag the best ones out there. 

forts and dolls and building magical childhood memories. 

horse scrabble. :)
daddy and ashton date!

my adorable mac n cheese helper. 
there is not a chance i could love him more. 

dentist and library. 

we went skiing with logan and amanda.
so fun to have friends that feel more like family.

a sweet one of ian playing go fish with grandma right before we headed up the mountain. 

oh!  and the girls had their little concert.
we're so thankful for rmca!


i am working on stuff for the water raffle! 

it should launch on monday.  there is some great stuff coming in.

as always, can't wait to bring heaven to the water crisis with you all next week.  

it's gonna be fun. 

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