Wednesday, March 18, 2015

when love is a giant

i'm excited to add a fun raffle item for anyone in the washington d.c. area.
jenn gorie emailed me and said she wanted to contribute a photo session.  

35 dollar item

a photo session (family or child) with in the Washtington, DC metropolitan area. You will recieve 10 edited high-resolution images.

thank you so much, jenn!  i'm super excited for whoever wins this! and thankful for friends across this country partnering with us to fight for clean water and hope in uganda!

if you know someone in this area, let them know about this opportunity!

i'm praying over our little campaign page.  i have seen what this money is going toward and i believe in the power of creating jobs.  being a part of giving someone the gift of sustainable hope for their community is so very invigorating.  it's life-giving to give life.  crazy how that happens.

and the ripple affect of how each of us doing something small adds up to changed lives is so very powerful.  a beautiful picture of what we can do when we come together.  i've never even met jenn and i can't even tell you how much her email meant to me.  she sees what we are doing and wants to use her gift to be a blessing.

and honestly, i wish we were further along in our goal for this year.  but i know that ultimately, God will do want he wants in us and through us.  His presence is so very real to me during this week.  my heart beats hard and fast, i'm emotional and feel foolish for setting such a high goal, and yet, i feel His pleasure during raffle week.  he is ALL ABOUT clean water and fresh hope.  and i know and believe that he can use the very tangible blessing of life giving, clean, cool water to communicate his giant love.


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