Friday, June 12, 2015

a mantle

i just got back from dropping off my kids at vacation bible blast. 

avery working in our summer workbooks. 
we put away all of our normal school books to collect dust this summer, but they've been working in these things that include reading challenges, math, history and a horse lap book (!) to earn stickers (and prizes) this summer. 

i'm flooded with emotion seeing the excitement and energy that come during that incredible week at vanguard.  for years, being a children's pastor was my life.  i ate, slept and breathed children's ministry. ;)

first prize coupon. frosty's!

really, i'm just thankful for the storehouse of memories and the way God was able to use my life and personality and talents during that season of my life.

national doughnut day  

there was a deep comradery that came with working with talented men and women to spark passion in kids hearts for Jesus.  i miss that. 

sunday play dates.  those are some CUTE kids. 

these days the ministry i find myself in is often lonely.  and although it's the truth, it's not a bad thing.  my loneliness is like a mantle that i'm choosing to put on each day. 

slide plus tarp plus water plus dish soap.  they had hours of fun.
but i burned the grass so you probably shouldn't do it. 

4 months ago when the leadership team started their crafting and writing and dreaming for minion mania, i was researching beautiful feet books history curriculum and staring at science programs and thinking through loop scheduling vs. block scheduling for our next school year.  

we made a chalk timeline on the sidewalk and i printed out a bunch of pictures from the past 12ish years and they had to put them in the right spot.  really fun. 

and while i don't have a team of people who are helping me map out creative and passionate ways to teach math or develop a morning routine that involves steeping our souls in true, beautiful things, i do have the God of angel armies on my side. and there is a certain aspect of this mantle of loneliness that has me needing a close connection with my savior.  

summer workbook time. 

and that makes this mantle not only beautiful, but easy to carry.

my minions with the minions. 

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