Thursday, June 4, 2015


we took gg back to iowa. :(
she gave the girls these stuffed dogs that my grandma has had since her babies were babies.

ian had a serious mosaic art project going. 

finishing up science for the year.

made a clove apple for our literature study of little house in the big woods.

one of ian's school projects was to make gingerbread men.
preschool is too fun. 

i cannot bear the cuteness of ashton reading to ian. 

she was on this kick of copying books.  so cute and fun.  i think it's fantastic when the kids start doing something on their own that is suggested for them to do for "school".  

a cutie in a tree.  hooray for sunshine!

he's getting so much better at quiet reading hour.  i'm SO thankful. ;)

avery had an eye appointment

ian and ash were enthralled with the whole process.


the girls had their last days of kindergarten and second grade respectively.

so thankful for RMCA.

and the biggest news of all is that we've been spending oodles of time with our cousins!

this was us with our posters and balloons waiting for them at the airport! we hadn't seen them in almost 2 years!

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