Wednesday, July 29, 2015

table rock lake.....again. :)

well, we checked out of our great wolf lodge hotel room, let the kids go down the water slides a few more times, kissed our cousins goodbye and then packed the van for home. 

we were maybe an hour and a half down I-70 when we realized that my side of the family was about to start their vacation at the lake and maybe, just maybe we might be able to join?! dave was on board with turning the odyssey around and taking us back down to table rock so i quickly called my mom to see if there would be room.

it was a crazy ten minutes or so, but we decided to do it! dave grabbed me a starbucks and we were on our way to the lake....again. 

these two jumped in the lake right before bed. :)  

it rained quite a bit that second week.  ian was in heaven because i let him play video games up at our resorts lobby area. 

dave went home after the weekend and it was adorable how much the kids missed him!  they talked about him all of the time.  wanted to call him lots and send him pictures and texts.  one time, i had them each take a selfie to send to daddy.  i love this one of ian with ash in the background. :)

go karts!

grandma and grandpa took us to the Dixie Stampede!

grandpa told stories before bed. :)  so fun.

going over a bridge!

branson landing!

last night before we were in our own beds after 3 weeks of traveling.  we were at a random hotel in the middle of kansas. 

thankful we were able to see so much family that last week! 
it was amazing getting home to dave and our own beds. 
vacation is great.
home is great.
very thankful for both. 


jesse chupp said...

So great seeing you all! Your story about turning around gave me goosebumps.

Mandy said...

it's always so great seeing you guys. it was kind of an insane decision, but i'm glad we did it!