Monday, July 27, 2015

great wolf lodge

so, quick side note. ashton kate wanted so badly to ride outlaw run, the scariest wooden roller coaster at silver dollar city.  she was just BARELY tall enough.  she had 2 or 3 people stop and measure her while she was in line.  i kept asking her if she was sure that she wanted to, and she was.   i have ridden that coaster before but never with one of my children.  it definitely made it that much more intense.  she definitely didn't love it.  her little face was terrified the entire time.  i just kept saying "it's almost over, it's almost over."

you can read about the ride here. 

she's already promised ian that if he goes next year, she'll go with him. ha!

after our week of fun at the lake, we headed back up to kansas city to the great wolf lodge.
here is ian making a "map" for us.  he LOVED the walkie talkie.  he kept saying "grandpa, i need to tell you something.  isn't this going to be so much fun?"  adorable.

so, i had never been to a great wolf lodge, but seriously, this place was amazing. 

i'm kind of a water park girl, so being in my suit all day and riding slides with my kiddos was pretty fantastic.

and being able to be there with these guys was pretty great. it was so nice having lazy mornings as individual families and then getting to meet up with them at the water park downstairs. :)

we would come back up to our rooms to have lunch and quiet time. :)

cute ash chilaxin' by the pool

there was a ginormous cabella's right next to the hotel.

she really wanted her picture on this turtle! :)

thank you grandma and grandpa for your generosity! :)

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