Saturday, July 25, 2015

table rock lake 2015

dave really got these three going FAST in those tea cups.  barf.

silver dollar city is such a clean, beautiful, shady amusement park.  love it there. (notice the little house bonnets.  grandpa couldn't resist buying all of his granddaughters those at the little house museum and they all wore them throughout silver dollar city.  we got so many compliments!  oh! and erin had a duggar spotting! there were lots and lots of them.  so funny. :)

cute toby and ash waiting for their turn on the dumbo ride. see toby's walkie talkie?  those were fun to have! :)  the boys loved them.

we took the kids to branson landing one night and let them all choose candy from that crazy candy store ITSUGAR.  they loved it. 

this was BOAT day.  
the girls and i waiting in the car to get the go ahead to climb aboard. 

boat day was the best.  another highlight for sure. 

we found this cliff and ALL of the kids jumped.  we just happened to get a great shot of ian.
so much table rock lake love. 

blueberry farm!

not pictured: JONAH at the sight and sound theater. just fantastic.
we also went to see inside out all together. another highlight.  we analyzed the heck out of that one.  so good.   

thankful for these memory treasures. 

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Miss G said...

Fun, fun, fun times!! Wow! Kelly