Saturday, July 25, 2015

first couple days of vacation!

our very first night of vacation at a hotel in kansas city.  jammies and teeth brushed after jumping in the pool. avery's brushing out ashton's hair, daddy is surfing hotel tv channels (quite the luxury).  such a sweet first night. 

hotel breakfast! fueling up to go meet cousins at the laura ingalls wilder museum before heading to our lake house!

we read and read and read the very last book in the little house series on our way to the museum.  
have you guys read that last book?  i was hoping the chapter entitled "a year of grace" would bring some relief to sweet laura and almanzo but, nope.  hardship after hardship.  it's kind of a downer of a book.  

watching avery in the little house museum was a definite highlight of this trip!  we couldn't take pictures inside but she was so cute reading the descriptions in the little glass cases.  she would run up to me "mom! this is the lace that ida made for laura when she got married! like, the actual one!!"

this picture is outside of the rock house where laura wrote the first four books in the series. 

erin and her kids have read the whole series too, so it was such a joy to tour these houses and the museum together! 

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