Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1st and 3rd

you guys, i forgot to tuck notes into their lunches on the very first day.  :(

but how cute are these two?

ashton said she was shy.
avery said she was "nervousited".  she's proud of that new word.

last night ashton prayed that a certain little friend would be in her class and she is!
avery met a new friend this morning before i left.  i can't get over how old she looks.

and just for fun.  first day of school photos from yesteryear.

i know they're going to have a great day.  can't wait to hear all of their chatter this afternoon!


jesse chupp said...

Where's the Transformer Man?

Mandy said...

i'm keeping him a preschooler for as long as i can. :) he'll start kindo next year.