Tuesday, September 22, 2015

labor day weekend 2015

we had a full and memorable labor day weekend this year. 

i was surprised when i turned the corner on my run that saturday morning and spotted these beauties in the sky. such fun scenery to wake up to!

the kids and i were working on some painting for an art gallery that we set up for our family sunday that weekend.  it turned out so fantastic!

avery and i got to the church pretty early on saturday night to get set up for the gallery and for her worship practice. we ended up not being able to get in the church for awhile, but don't you worry about us, we just took some selfies. 

the gallery all set up (there were 6 walls set up.  each one represented a different class of kiddos)
here's the master mind behind it all. our adorable children's pastor. 

the kids worship was incredibly powerful.  i'm so thankful that the words of these songs have been memorized by my kids. praying that the truth that they belted out that weekend would be etched on their hearts, that it would come back to them when they need it most, and that it would give them something firm to stand on when this life gets shaky. 

avery and norah handing out snacks during the art gallery on sunday after the services. 

the next morning we woke up early and took the kids to the balloon festival. 

 avery and ian staring up at darth vader and yoda. 

i'm glad we did that!  i usually think it sounds asinine to actually WAKE the children up that early, but it really was a fun family time.  so neat to see the balloons taking off all over that field.  and bonus: early bedtimes all around. ;)

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