Tuesday, September 22, 2015

the last of august

phew.  we've had quite the few weeks.  a whirlwind trip to oregon and washington. a brand new 5 year old. (sigh) and the beginning of our seven soccer saturdays. :)  
wanted to get some of the last pictures from august on here before i start documenting our september craziness. 

i love this book.  it is technically written for homeschooling moms, but i believe there is a wealth of wisdom in there for all mommas.  it's an exhale book. 

i could not put this down.  i read it in 3 days and then i wished i wouldn't have read it so fast.  hilarious and packed with truth.  i know there is a whole jen hatmaker bandwagon.  but i love her anyway.  

ellen and i let the kids run around the america the beautiful park fountain.  it wasn't on anymore, but they had so much fun with that tiny trickle of water.  they RAN and RAN this night.  

surprised the kids with one last pool day at wilson ranch pool.  they love that one. 

when i had strep, the kids gathered a "mommy's needs" basket.  it had a couple packets of emergency, some bottles of random essential oils, a couple baggies of ice (!?)  and some tissues.  this little post it note was stuck on it.  such little sweeties, they are.  

a mini fighter pilot doing his preschool book. 

i have so many pictures of her doing school in this long time favorite dress up gown. 

history notebooking. 
they all started soccer practice. 

this is the first time i found him writing words on his own.

i was gathering books for a friend to borrow and had to snap a picture.  a stack of well loved books is a beautiful thing.

water colors with this cute boy.

story time for ian.


Melissa said...

I loved this!
I have both of those books on my hold list at PPLD. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Mandy said...

You will LOVE them both! You can have for the love after megan reads it!

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