Tuesday, December 22, 2015

begining again

man, it's been quiet here.

did you know we moved out of our house while it was being remodeled?
yeah.  that was crazy.

we are back home now, waiting on couches to be delivered and boxes to be unpacked.

we have a christmas tree though and a nativity scene and have been trying to squeeze in our jesse tree moments when we can.

i miss it here.  i love this space.  so much of our fall still needs to be documented and i'm planning on settling in and doing just that sometime in january.

praying that the peace and hope and joy that Jesus came to bring are reigning in your hearts and homes this week.

merry christmas.
hope is here.

love all of these REAL smiles from the kids! thanks laura moffat. :)


Miss G said...

Mandy! Love this! Can't wait to see your home. I love how you said you love your space! Makes my heart happy! You are a blessing. Kelly

Mandy said...

Thanks, kelly!!