Thursday, December 31, 2015

the one about christmas morning

christmas morning was incredibly special this year.

dave and i opened our stockings to each other by the fire before bringing the kids down.

we read our last jesse tree before heading upstairs to have a little breakfast.  and then we started opening presents.

the kids pair up to buy for each other.  i love watching them give these gifts! 

they picked out a star wars shirt for dave.

and a new sign for me

next was their myrrh present.  

the myrrh present represents something that will help them grow in their relationship with God. typically it's been audio books/radio programs.  the last couple years they've opened a new adventures in odyssey along with something to do together while they listen.  this year it was the hard to find rainbowland game.  they've played this at the fowler home and it is a crowd favorite!  they were so delighted to open it! 

frankincense represents something that will grow their minds.  it's almost always legos!

i read a letter to each of the kids before they opened their gold present.  good grief, i couldn't get through them without crying!  so emotional for me, but such a beautiful moment.  

 i cannot believe how perfectly ashton's gold present was tee'd up this year.  
it's hard to adequately describe all of the questions and conversations about an american girl doll and whether or not she would maybe, possibly get one for her 7th birthday like avery did.  

she definitely got my emotional, sentimental gene.  she cried! like actually cried real tears when she opened caroline!
love that girl so much. 

we had several unforgettable moments that morning and i'm so thankful for these years that we're all at  home together on christmas morning.  

magical is a fitting word. ;)


Miss G said...

Oh Mandy! I love you so and the way you mother! I am so thankful for the privilege of knowing you and your heart more and more! I am so thankful that your Christmas morning was so magical! We had some really lovely moments as well! So thankful! Kelly

Mandy said...

Thank you, kelly! Love you too, girl!