Friday, January 1, 2016

december (a boatload of pics)

thanksgiving morning on our makeshift table while i refinished our table in the garage. (so much work!)

mom had some cute placemats set out for the kids at her thanksgiving table.

uncle matt and aunt rocio got here the night before thanksgiving!


emi did so great at her first ballet!
montagues afterward with our crew of ladies!

dad took us all to the new restaurant at seven falls for mom's birthday.  it was beautiful and freezing!

cutting down our christmas tree. 

donut mill after we all found our trees.

they opened their ornament this year from grandma nancy.  
ash got a book shelf for learning to read.
avery got a horse, because, well, horses.
ian got a bike for learning to ride this year.

10th and final miss mandy date. (sigh)
love them.

this was from ten years ago!  look at those babies.

christmas cookies at mom's with uncle matt and aunt rocio!
Displaying IMG_31491.jpg
Displaying IMG_31491.jpg
Displaying IMG_31491.jpg

first jesse tree!

we did christmas with my family early this year!

matt and i playing with the kids new kapla blocks.  those things are so addicting. 

avery is way into them.

more jesse tree moments.

 a little christmas crafting with neighbor bree

wrapping presents, polar express, fire in the fire place.  
love this picture. 

here's the one picture i have of our fabulous life group christmas party. 

christmas project week.

this was the night we put the kids to bed and then got them back out of bed to go see lights. :)

christmas eve brunch table. 

christmas eve service cuties.

christmas eve at grandma nancy's


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