Sunday, January 10, 2016

fall moments

really, some of my most favorite posts/photos to look back on aren't the "big event" posts, but the ones filled with our every day moments.  it's amazing how bright the mundane things shine after the dust has settled on each season of life.

Here are some snapshots of the every day this past fall.


why does the parenting have to start so early every morning? ;)

candles plus picture study.  morning time gem.

crazy soccer girls.

legos on the front step?  sure, why not.

siblings reading to siblings.  i simply cannot capture too many of these moments.

trading in tickets for dimes.

ashton had soccer practice at monument valley park this fall.  i love that park.  it's so old.  the trees are so huge and there are stone walls every where.   i loved when it was my turn to take her to practice. ;)

school cuties.

playing games with grandma, great grandma and great aunt fay.  my grandma and great aunt fay are sisters and are quite competitive when it comes to board games. ;)

my sweet avery.  she's had 3 major dentist appointments in her short 8 years.  i tear up every time.  she did amazing this round!

we had such a fun fall craft day with the packiams and the orsillos.

the horse ranch where avery did camp this summer hosted a little fall festival and our cousins got to come with us! 

this was the awkward stage in moving out of our house when we had no furniture, but we still had to do school.  :)

 another fall festival.  this one had a real pumpkin patch!

my parents sent us to vail for two nights at the end of october. this was the one picture i took.  it was such a refreshing time together.  

this is a fantastic book. 

we baked a from scratch pumpkin pie at grandma's house.

gg made our crust.

horse and spider man pumpkins.  you can tell right!? 

i mean, pikes peak is unreal.

cowgirls and buzz.

we walked to the park while we were staying at grandma's. 

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