Wednesday, January 20, 2016

january moments

saturday morning painting.  and ashton asked to do her math. (?)

she loves reading to him.  he's not a very sit still sort of guy, so she threatens him "if you don't let me read to you, i won't be your buddy."  and then asks him a ton of questions to make sure he is listening "ian, why is the fox scared?" 

we should probably have a conversation about her methods.

too precious for words.  so thankful for gg elaine.
some rmca buddies were miniature horse sitting and invited us to come ride!
hot chocolate and rainbow land.  pre sugar fast.  :)

it really has been a lovely january. 


Miss G said...

great painting! Such a fun experience with the horse!! AND I love GG Elaine too! Watching one cuddle session of her with my little girlie and she won my heart completely. Kelly

Mandy said...

I remember that!