Wednesday, February 17, 2016

more from our big snow

there has been a steady stream of coughing, pink cheeks and runny noses for the past two weeks.  oh the coughing, how it slays me.  it is February i suppose.  and though this feared month is usually accommodated by the sniffles, today, february is showing off.  high of 64.  there is barely a trace of our big winter snow storm out there.  and probably by tomorrow the snow will all have melted away.

monday night after it had dumped that afternoon and evening we sent the kids outside to play instead of to bed.  

the next day dave stayed home! yay! and he took the kids sledding behind his car. 

there were some neighbors skiing and snowboarding behind their car and offered to take a family picture.  

reading breaks inbetween snow play.  i splurged on james herriot's treasury for children at the momheart conference, i'm pretty sure avery read the whole thing during our snow days. 

ashton reading by the heater, not quite as picturesque as reading by the fire, but close. 
she's reading this new adorable series i found. tales from maple ridge farm and her little foot was almost frozen from all of the snow that had made it's way into her boot.  isn't there something so fulfilling about warming up cold kiddos?

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