Monday, February 22, 2016

a new year letter

after several days of warm spring like weather, winter blew in again yesterday afternoon.  it's snowing now and though the drifts of snow from our giant storm a few weeks ago have just had the chance to melt, i can't help but smile watching the flakes drift slowly to the ground.  ashton stands at the back door, amazed yet again by the beauty of winter.  there is always some beauty to behold. 

it's nearing the end of february and i have just now taken the time to scan through last years pictures and posts.  though a year goes by in a flash these days, these snapshots and stories remind me that each year holds so very much.

how many times did i get up last year, make scrambled eggs and smoothies and read the kids another chapter in our story bible and another tale of an inspiring christian hero?  a lot.

and thinking about the year this way, the way the mornings make up weeks and the way the weeks make up months, inspires me to just keep going.  the things we do today will impact our tomorrow.

these pictures show just a glimpse of our 2015.  and as i copied and pasted these old photos into this post, i could not help but sense the steady undercurrent of God's presence and His goodness.

so much of 2015 went to our house.  our money, our time, our thoughts, our dreams.  let me tell you something people, life is hard and a LOT of work, just normal life.  adding giant projects to your to do list can make you feel like you are drowning.
but He is here and He is good.  

friends.  friends. friends.

these two are always, ALWAYS a glowing reflection of His presence and His goodness.

my ashton turned 6.
he is here and he is good. 

my grandma turned 90 and so much of my dad's family came to colorado to celebrate.  if you have ever had a chance to spend time with my grandma, you know that God's presence is real and His goodness is felt.


he is here and he is good. 

our cousins came back from africa, found a job in colorado springs and live 15 minutes away from us now!

he is here and he is good. 

celebrating my grandma with our traditional tea party.
he is here and he is good. 

and also, remember when i met diana? and we raised enough money to support 3 wells and create jobs for all three of those wells?  yeah, that was amazing.

i just can't even with this memory.  i can still see God's presence and goodness in diana's eyes.  and, yes, we will be doing the raffle again. look for it soon.  

my avery turned 8
he is here and he is good. 

i have felt the steady presence and goodness of God at tablerock lake as i've grown.  and taking my kids there?  and seeing them splash around with cousins there?  goodness.

these three.
he is here and he is good. 

great wolf lodge

first day pictures!

our little homeschool.
i'm amazed at God's grace and guidance.  i feel like i am a living testimony of how much HE carries for me.  i'm trusting Him with these guys SO MUCH.  he is here and he is good. 

a bitter sweet moment, our last time with grandma wiemer.
he is here and he is good. 

my ian turned 5.
he is here and he is good. 

living with grandma and grandpa for 5 weeks while our home was being remodeled.
he is here and  he is good. 

dave designed and built a new bed for the kids.  he took ian over to help him as much as he could.
he is here and he is good. 

the girls reading in their new bed the morning after we moved back in. 

we are well into 2016 now, a whole month and a half under our belts and though we cannot predict what the rest of this year will hold, there are two things that i know for certain as i look around this cozy little home, with our gray walls and new white (!) comfy couch....

He is here and He is good.

happy new year, friends.

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