Tuesday, February 23, 2016

the truth about gymnastics and couches

the kids started their little homeschool gymnastics class last week. it's right in our neighborhood and they are all in the same group this year. they love it and it's such good exercise. i'm so thankful for the way it fits so nicely into our week.

tuesdays end up being a great day to grab lunch and run errands after gymnastics.  nothing like filling up a bag with books at the library and then coming home for quiet reading hour.  we all love our new couch.  we bought it sight unseen on black friday and i'm just so thankful for how comfortable it is. :)  

i snapped the above picture moments ago and then i just had to go find a picture of our old living room and ashton came over here by me and said "mommy! i can barely remember that!"  so funny.  when the kids talk about anything that happened before we remodeled our house they say "oh right, that was in our old house".   :)

i realized i never posted a video of when all 3 kids were in the kids choir at church.  avery had a little solo and she did a fantastic job. i'm really thankful for the opportunities they've had to lead worship.  i love the way they so diligently memorize songs and motions.  i know those songs are furnishing their soul and one day the lyrics will be remembered and the truth will overwhelm them in new ways.
(furnishing the soul is an andrew pudewa line....and i love it)

20151122_100730 from mandy houle on Vimeo.

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