Thursday, March 10, 2016

raffle items--courtney cassada

so, i've never actually met courtney, but i do know our friendship is real.  we've been internet friends since her sawyer was a tiny baby.  courtney is authentic and consistently points people to Jesus through her stories over at her blog and i couldn't be more excited about her contribution to the raffle this year.

from courtney....

This book is not an easy, "fun" book. It's hard and raw. But full of truth.
"Sorrow is the very place that hope and joy intermingle, because without sorrow, there is no whisper of hope."
from "Wild in the Hollow" by Amber Haines

And this canvas. The further and deeper I walk in this life, it would be easier and easier to lose all hope EXCEPT for this...He commands us to "count it all joy." Sometimes my spirit does this willingly, sometimes out of sheer obedience, and sometimes it doesn't. But I will always keep Him and His words before me. And He will never fail

you can get your name in for this fantastic book (LOVE it) and beautiful canvas for a 15 dollar bid.  
bidding starts next tuesday. :) 

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