Friday, March 11, 2016

raffle items--laura clapp

i've known laura clapp for many years. back when i was a young children's pastor with zero children,  laura used to host a monthly meeting for all of the vanguard staff wives/women.  she introduced me to the glamorous life moms lead by getting excited to head to walmart after our meeting was finished around 9:30pm.  laura's vulnerability and candor about montherhood, always invite me to relinquish control, to laugh more and to not take myself too seriously.  she is literally one of the best people i know.

she is also in the oil business and has given a bottle of thieves and a bottle of frankincense for the raffle.  a 20 dollar bid will get your name in for these amazing oils and if you win them, laura has all sort of tips and tricks up her sleeve to let you in on.

bidding starts next tuesday. eeeee!

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