Sunday, March 6, 2016

the one about dusting

a few years ago, when i stopped singing "i'll fly away, oh glory" because i realized with great certainty and passion that i was invited to actively pursue bringing heaven into my very real, ordinary, here and now life, nearly every small task was given new meaning and the perspective shift breathed life into my soul.

i hate dusting.

there really isn't a big enough visual reward after completing such a task.  dusting feels almost void of meaning and purpose.

and back when i was fumbling my way into this new way of thinking, gaining new eyes to see and new ears to hear, i was alone in my bedroom, moving books and wiping dust off of shelves.  i was indeed feeling very sorry for myself and wishing terribly that i was using my ONE day without the kiddos to, i don't know, change the world, or at least drink fancy coffee at a cozy shop.  but here i was, using my one wild and precious dust. so lame.

and then....isn't funny how Jesus is always coming into the little things?  he's in the mustard seed and the still small voice.  we always look for him in the great, big, important Jobs (with a capital J), and then he's always waiting for us in the ordinary small. why do i always forget?

i could feel my heart get lighter as these thoughts poured in.

on earth things are continually falling into disorder.  in heaven things will be in perfect order. therefore whenever we work toward bringing order into a situation, or a relationship, or a room, we are bringing heaven to earth.   

when i dust i am bringing heaven into my home.

last year when becky straw of the adventure project was sitting in my living room, she asked me what keeps me engaged in world water day and the raffle that i host in this space.  and after clumsily trying to explain my quirky dusting story, i told her "to me, world water day is a beautiful way for a community of people to come together and collectively dust the earth."

i cannot thank you enough for joining me in this adventure every year.  this will be the 5th water raffle.  that really baffles my mind.  we've banded together to fix almost 10 wells, providing around 20 jobs and clean water for thousands of people.  heaven comes to earth every march during the raffle and i can't think of anything more beautiful to work toward.

the raffle launches on the 15th.  i'm hoping to highlight some of the items that will be raffled off during the upcoming week so you can be aware of things you want to bid on.  i'd love help spreading the word.  it'd be awesome if you could email friends, or share on facebook, maybe make flyers for your neighborhood or shout it from a mountain.  (just kidding on those last two, that would just be weird).

i'll have more details on the specifics of the campaign and our goals for this year soon, until then, happy dusting, friends.


Chelsea said...

Thanks for this, Mandy! Needed to be reminded today. :)

Mandy said...

So glad, chelsea!