Monday, March 7, 2016

raffle items--jon elsberry

i'm going to try to start highlighting a few of the items that will be available to bid on in the raffle next week.  bidding will officially start next tuesday, march 15th.

one of the greatest legacies that my dad has given me is his passion for prayer.  you know this if you've ever sat around the dinner table at my parents house wondering how cold your food is going to be after he mentions all relatives near and far :).  there is also a legendary prayer where my father was praying for close to an hour and allegedly included prayers for "baby moses to be safe among the bullrushes" or that's how the story goes anyway.

my parents have a war "room" set up in their home. they fast every wednesday night to pray for dave and i, matt and rocio and avery, ashton and ian.  my mom emails us that she is at the jericho center praying for her kids and wondering if we have anything specifically we want prayer for.

it changes things, it changes us, prayer is powerful.  this was oxygen in our home and it was not surprising when the new books my dad brought to ashton's reading party were these two pictured below.

and he is offering these two books to a winner in the raffle.  a 5 dollar bid will put your name in a "hat" and then my dad will ship them off to the winner....and he'll probably pray for you, too. ;)

The Power of a Praying Kid

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