Tuesday, March 8, 2016

raffle items--sandi elsberry

raffle launch and official bidding begin next tuesday, march 15th. 

if you know my mother at all, you are aware of her slight coffee habit.  and it's funny, because although, yes i truly believe that sandi elsberry loves coffee, i think this habit turned addiction comes from a deep desire within her for relationships. 

"can you have a cup and talk for a few" i hear every wednesday morning as i drop ian off at her house for his grandma day. 

"oh, leave the dishes, let's sit and talk....who wants coffee?" she says after every meal when family is gathered at her house.  

her priority has always been people and conversation.  and coffee is really just a means to that end.   my mom is going to email you a 20 dollar starbucks ecard if you win this raffle item. a ten dollar bid will get your name in for this.  and really, if you want to redeem this the right way, you better bring a friend. ;)

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