Friday, December 23, 2016

christmas cheer

sorting, investigating and predicting new wrapped presents under the tree. 
avery even rearranged all of the presents under the tree.  i have such fond memories of doing that as a kid. 

ice skating in acacia park

sipping on a praline latte while watching avery set up mouse trap at the library. 


making pine bark with uncle matt

some teenager came to help us decorate cookies this year.  i'm not sure where my kids were, but she was sure super cute. 

aunt erin got the kids a whole slew of the "what's in the bible" series along with their own bible journals.  they were so cute watching and jotting stuff down. :)

a very merry houle christmas at dave's parents!

more cookie baking with the gigi's!

a cute dinner helper

straight after snow play rosie cheeks!

christmas crafting

lots and lots of wrapping going on here!