Monday, March 20, 2017

homestead basket and noonday bracelet

i played club soccer with katie i highschool (her dad was our coach!) for 5 years!  we have just recently reconnected via the interwebs and i am so thrilled that katie wanted to join the raffle this year! 

Noonday Collection funky paper bead bracelet.

this adorable bracelet is still available for a 2 for 1 bid! plus if you bid before midnight mountain time you'll get your name in for a Mary Kay Time Wise Miracle Set.

A "homestead" basket: a jar of homemade dill pickles, summer in a jar (peach jam), a hand knit dishcloth, a monogramed (personalized!) burlap hoop, a can of pickled watermelon rinds and a loaf of homemade bread (if in the Colorado Springs area)

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