Tuesday, March 21, 2017

jody landers and her ginormous favorite things basket

the first world water day that i participated in was in the spring of 2011.  i was potty training ashton kate and i remember reading jody's posts about it and feeling so grateful for the opporunity to have a sustainable impact on the water crisis while i was stuck at home setting timers and wiping up pee.

i dug up my very first post about it for you guys.  you're welcome.

jody was a champion advocate and a trailblazer for so many of us to think outside of our four walls. and i continue to be so thankful for her support and the amazing baskets she offers for the raffle.

this "basket" is really a giant shipping box that is full to over flowing! and things keep coming in.  i cannot possibly post pictures of all of the amazing stuff inside this box, but if you head to this link you can see what's inside.  

Jody's Friends and their Favorite Things Basket

donate 50 bucks here.
go bid on jody's basket here. 

thanks you guys!

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