Saturday, March 18, 2017

incredible story!

My brother always has his hands in something innovative and trans formative.  if you have a second, watch the video, it's truly inspiring and i am so proud of matt!

check out his new venture and his donation to the raffle!

Matt and his business partners have started a new company called LivFul. Their brand new product "akiva" is set to clear EPA approval and be on the market in the US by early next year. They are offering a t-shirt (immediately) and the two of the first bottles to be sent to the raffle winner (as soon as we have approval)!

Our mission is to save 200,000 lives per year from mosquito and bacterial borne diseases. Our first product, "akiva" is a mosquito and insect repellent that:

  1. Is based on an amino acid (B Alanine)
  2. Is DEET Free
  3. Up to 16.5 hours of complete protection in cage testing (200 mosquitoes in a 2ft by 2ft cage)
  4. Feels and smells more like a moisturizer than a repellent
  5. Protects against ticks, chiggers, flies, lice, bedbugs (basically any biting insect)


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Wow!!! So cool mandy!!

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Love ya sister! People can find out more at