Sunday, March 19, 2017

Rita Salazar, Elizabeth Taylor, Raleigh Tillman, Jessica Lundahl, Jessica Bair

These 5 friends are offering services and/or products from their personal businesses. They are incredible women and I am so proud to have their great products on the bidding page this year!

2 hours of organizing from Jessica Bair

A dozen cupcakes from Jessica Lundahl

A hand spun mug from Raleigh Tillman

An original painting from Rita Salazar

listen to what rita says about this painting:

The Yellow Rose symbolizes hope and a new beginning. This 12x12", original oil painting can be yours! Bring hope and a new beginning to those who need fresh, clean water in Uganda.

A hand made wreath from Elizabeth Taylor

this wreath is made from a vintage hymnal!  how cool is that?!

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