Thursday, March 16, 2017

Music Camp

so thankful for my friend Kelly Rollett and her heart for World Water Day.  believe it or not the raffle is how we met! and now we are in a small homeschooling community together and you should see the beautiful, life-giving, encouraging texts she sends to us. 

she is offering to put together a music camp for you and your friends!

from kelly: 

I would love to offer your kids or your grandkids (this would make a GREAT gift!!) a music “camp" experience (4 mornings one week to be determined between the winning bidder and I) at my home in Colorado Springs.  (a $100 value per child!!) 
I will work with the winner to tailor the camp to the ages of your kids (best for preschool - early elementary) AND you can invite friends of similar ages, up to 8 children!  

This music camp experience will provide your kids with great opportunities to sing, play instruments, dance and learn other musical skills such as learning to read music all while having a lot of fun with friends and siblings.  The kids will also enjoy confidence building as they build on the skills they are learning throughout the four days.

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