Monday, March 13, 2017

water raffle coming soon

There is something magical about the way working toward peace and hope on behalf of someone else invites the very same peace and hope to seep into the cracks and broken places of our own lives.

We were made to give. 

We were made to be a blessing and made to receive a physical and emotional benefit from serving and sacrificing and advocating.  This is beautiful and extraordinary and we all have known this abstract principal to be true in our own lives, but it's easy to forget when you are walking through the hard.

The pathway to joy is in sharing the gifts we have. 

For the past 5 years I've hosted a raffle that finds it's identity in creating jobs that provide clean water to communities who do not have access to a clean water source.  

We rally around World Water Day and set aside a week to come along side The Adventure Project in their quest to eradicate poverty from the Earth one job at a time.

This year, The Adventure Project is partnering with Water for People and the goal is to raise enough funds to develop a piping system that will bring clean water and jobs to four villages;  Bubare, Muragyi A, Muragyi B, and Kabuye, in Western Uganda. 

"This piped system will reach at least ten locations throughout these villages.  At each tap stand, Water for People will train a person in the community to maintain their tap and sell the water at an ultra-affordable price. The funds raised will ensure the water system has the funding needed to keep the system working for generations. "

Our goal is to raise 15k toward these efforts in Uganda.

Starting Saturday you will be able to bid on a whole slew of items from photo shoots to gourmet meals and everything in between.  We will have a bidding page all set up for you to look through the items, make your selections and then donate in order to get your name in the hat for as many items as you desire.

The raffle will last for 5 days, ending on World Water Day (Wednesday, March 22nd).

my heart is beating hard.
it's time to dust the earth.

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