Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Young Living Essential Oils from Laura Clapp

these gems will be on the bidding page when the raffle goes live!  you'll be able to bid on these oils starting saturday morning. 

From Laura Clapp

I am sharing some of my favorite oil blends for the water raffle.  In addition to receiving the oil blend, I am also glad to guide the user to resources that will help them get the most benefits and uses from each of these blends.  I will personally communicate with them to help them benefit from these amazing oil blends. 

1.  15 ml bottle of Thieves oil  Retail value - $48.14

This oil blend is a must have for my family throughout the year, but especially in winter.  It is great for supporting the immune system and also works great in all natural cleaning (surfaces, dishes, laundry, carpets, etc.)  

2.  5 ml bottle of Peace and Calming  Retail Value - $49.56

This little gem of an oil blend is very hard to get your hands on.  It has been out of stock for almost a year and has just recently become available on a limited basis.  The name says it all. It helps bring balance to emotions, calms anxiety, and is perfect to add to your bedtime routine to help bring on restful sleep.  We have found it to be an awesome tool in our house for combating nightmares.  Young Living has a limit of one bottle per person per month.  I don’t expect it to stay in stock very long, so get it while you can!

3. 10 ml  Breathe Again Rollon  Retail Value - $36.73

This Blend offers a mixture of oils that provide respiratory support.  The thing I love about this is that it is already mixed with a carrier oil in a rollon  bottle ready to be applied to the chest, feet, sinuses, spine, and neck area.  It is great to throw in your purse and have on-the-go anytime respiratory support is needed.  It is also great for sore muscles.

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