Thursday, March 16, 2017

when there is no perfect way

it's 8:49 a.m. and we haven't started school.  ian is working on a star wars puzzle, ashton is learning how to draw a gerbil and avery is writing down the supplies she needs to make herself a fox costume for an upcoming birthday party.

i've just picked up 3 books i've been wanting to read from the library.  falling free by shannan martin, telling the truth:the gospel as tragedy, comedy, and fairy tale by fredrick buechner and pilgrim at tinker creek by annie dillard.

it was nice enough to sit outside this morning.  i slipped on my holey jeans and worn out sweatshirt, poured piping hot coffee into my favorite mug and sat on my tiny concrete porch watching the squirrels and listening to the newly returned robins.  maybe they'll find a spot in one of our trees to build their nest. i read the first chapter in each of these books because i couldn't decide which one to start.

there are many reasons i love homeschooling, but i think slow mornings is my one of my favorites.

the kids don't realize it because they're just doing their thing, but puzzles and crafts pre breakfast are 100% part of my homeschool philosophy.  plus it gives me time to sort through photos and emails for the upcoming raffle. ;)

there has been this prayer that has been an undercurrent of these past few days.

god, will you use the raffle to crack open this earth and let heaven seep in? sometimes it feels so small, so insignificant, like it's just about us and our donations and geez, i don't want that.  i want it to be a platform for as many miracles as possible.  in us, in uganda. physical needs, spiritual needs. eyes opened, hearts refreshed, thirsts quenched. i know there is no perfect way to go about your business.  the business of setting captives free and ushering in heaven in new, beautiful ways. but i want to go about your business, even if i stumble, even if it looks not quite right.  and so i give you this imperfect raffle. may you use it in spite of us. 

thank you for stumbling right alongside me.  it really is amazing to me how he uses all of our small imperfect steps toward bringing about life and beauty and change in this world. 

our imperfect raffle launches in 2 days
so grateful for all who join us in stumbling toward heaven. 

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