Monday, June 26, 2017

Avery's Tenth Birthday

the morning of her birthday. 

making cupcakes for her party.

she was so adorable wanting to add all of these special touches for her harry potter party.

beware of moaning myrtle

she made up her own version of quidditch.

watching the 3rd movie with a few of her friends pre-party.

let the games begin.

avery had asked for money for a western painted turtle for her birthday.  she wrote a report and made a poster board all on her own.  so adorable. 

after we did more research and visited several pet stores in the springs, she landed on a dwarf hamster.  i may need therapy.

 a few days after her birthday, i took aves on an all day date.

we went out for breakfast, went shopping. watched the 4th harry potter movie, got a manicure and finished with a lovely conversation at noodles. 

we made our way through these books throughout the day.  it was very special and definitely emotional for me to plan out this day.  i'm praying that we are both prepared for all of the big changes on the horizon.  i'm excited to watch her continue to grow into a stunning young lady.  she is absolutely remarkable.

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