Wednesday, July 5, 2017

this is our home, this is our school.

our spring semester of school was fabulous.  days off for museums. a deep dive into viking studies. tea time with our great grandmas and lots of baseball and horseback riding.  it's a continual paradigm shift for me to see all of life and each and every experience as their very education, but it is completely worth all of the prayer and forced removal of expectations to get my mind and heart to where they are right now. these are the days. this is our home. this is our school. 
this is our life. 

fine arts center. 

little sis waits for her turn on Four.  that messy red braid? too much. 

how many more pictures will i get with a cocked little red head in pig tails?

this day we did not do math.  we did not do spelling.  
we watched youtube videos about the history of the costumes from all of the Star Wars movies and then went to the Denver Art Museum to see them all on display.  
this was the day i stood at my kitchen sink weeping with gratitude for the freedom the Lord has brought to our homeschool this year. 

all about spelling outside.

an easter timeline by ashton kate. 

a brand new reader to entertain me during meal prep.  
a most handsome one at that. 

easter week notebooking. 

ian led his fellow baseball players in the little league pledge.

viking shields.

first gymkhana of the year.  ribbons all around!

"keep up your courage, Sarah Noble!" 
wig wam making. 

easter tomb biscuits with a couple neighbors

dying easter eggs.

viking exhibit!

i adore this photo.
in her cowgirl hat. 
working on her Horse Science.
at our kitchen table. 

gg velma's birthday tea party. 

ian's little kindergarten nursery rhyme night. 

spring recitation night.
houle kids memorized psalm 91, this is my father's world and two passages from a midsummer night's dream.  


Miss G said...

I love this post! I am excited for next year!! :) Kelly

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