Wednesday, July 12, 2017

4th of July and other summer things

sandra elliott was so sweet to capture some great family photos while we all waited for fireworks on the kissing camels golf course. what a beautiful, fun filled evening. 

these are my cousin kayla's two little girls!  we love emi and anna and it was so fun to be with them on the 4th!

what fun it is to watch their friendship grow.  sweet, sweet girls!

the kids loved these wearable bubbles! they were hilarious!

red heads!  missing aunt sharon!

i can't believe how cute and OLD she looks here. 
waiting for fireworks on kissing camels driving range.

in the pool on the 4th!

eating donuts on a string at the pool on the 4th!

i love it when she brings a book into the kitchen and says, "mom, listen to this." 

quiet reading hour.  ashton is reading farmer boy and ian is copying the big picture story bible into a word document. they're sweet, aren't they?

this is a weird picture, but Ashton has named this spider that has constructed a web between our grill and our deck.  she checks on him every morning and collects ants to put on his web.  ha!

last summer and fall the girls fell in love with sunny and splash.  they had their first legit lessons on these two and we leased them for 2 full days in the fall.  we hadn't seen them in 9 months and i arranged for them to have another lesson on sunny and splash.  they were in heaven seeing these horses again!

taking a break and getting some snacks between events at gymkhana.  

looking through their summer notebooks!

play doh restaurant with bree!

these four had a great time at vanguard's VBB this year!

we absolutely LOVED reading james and the giant peach together.  i had grand plans of making a peach pie and watching the movie together.  except the movie was DARK and kind of ruined the whole story for us. :(

the morning of their last day at rmca.

i don't think he could love baseball more. 

when they are all playing a sweet little game together i have to take a picture. 

ian's team got to walk around Coors Field before a Rockies game.  it was pretty awesome and they looked SO little out there!

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