Thursday, June 24, 2010

what we've been doing

buttering bread for dinner with aunt faye and uncle virgil the night before we headed to the lake


chatting with aunt faye
bubba get's too much love :)

breakfast at cracker barrel to start our road trip

a HUGE jacuzzi bath for the girlies at our condo by the lake

grandma shows us her tricks

mini golf with grandmaPhotobucket

lunch time at the pool

so, i'm having fun but i've got to say, vacationing with two little girls is not for the faint of heart. "relaxing" is definitely not a word i would use to describe the last few days. heard a quote on modern family that i love.... "this is NOT a vacation, i'm a stay-at-home mom and i'm traveling with my children-this is a buisness trip"

can't wait for daddy to join us.


Laura said...

Like that quote. I consider vacation "my everyday work with a change of scenery."

The Moffats said...

Love that's soooo true! Looks like a little fun is being had though! Can't wait until you guys are back!

melissa said...

He, he. The spoon pic of Grandma is awesome.
And the quote is great! You are amazing doing all this summer stuff while you're pregnant!

Courtney said...

love that quote...we are headed out tomorrow...on a "business trip" for me :-)