Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jesus scrubbed my toilets

i'm pretty sure Jesus came to my house today. i mean sure, He looked like Christy Nordgren, but i'm still convinced it was Him.

so for real, listen to this and you all will want to be friends with her too. she came, she put dinner in my fridge, she kicked me out and said "go play with your girls" and then she cleaned. she scrubbed my toilets and tubs, she mopped my floors, she vacuumed my rugs....my house is eat-off-the-floors clean.

and when we got back there were freshly baked cookies on my counter and a sweet note.

she was Jesus today, to me, to my girls. and i am so thankful for Him and for who He is in her life and for who He was to me today.


The Moffats said...

WOW. Super huge WOW. Christy, you ROCK. What a difference friends can make.

Joy said...

I was totally going to say WOW before I saw Laura's comment :) But I'm still gonna say it.


What an amazing friend. Seriously, words don't do stuff like that justice. So glad you have friends like that!!

Danielle said...

She is awesome and I'm so glad she's in your life! Christy, you rock.

Laura said...

Could I please have Christy's phone number? I need to invite her to coffee!! : )

lindsayw4 said...

What a great friend!

cmc said...

love this post title! are you picking the friend to whom you'll return the favor? :)