Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday!

today a best friend turns 30
Photobucket a walk around memorial park late summer 2009

and a father turns...hmmm what is it now 55? 56? man, i'm horrible.
dad plays c.s. lewis in caspian's castle vbb 2009

she listens and makes me laugh. i've known her half of our lives and she will forever be close to my heart.

he prays and barks a very realistic bark. ask him to bark sometime. he is a profound leader and warrior in the kingdom. when i meet people at church they always seem to comment "oh you're jon elsberry's daughter". and then i beam because i'm proud. so proud.

there is legacy thick in both relationships. february 4th is a blessed day.

happy birthday.

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Danielle said...

Aw, thanks for the birthday shout out. You are such a treasured friend and I am so blessed by you! Can't wait to see you tonight.