Monday, April 18, 2011

at breakfast

avery: "hey mom! have you ever seen a letter forest before?"

me: "nope. sure haven't."

avery: "well, i made one. see?"

she is funny and smart and makes me laugh.
she is mischievous and persistent and makes me mad.
she is perceptive and inquisitive and makes me work.

Photobuckethard work has never been so beautiful.


sandi Elsberry said...

Mandy - you describe Avery so well. She is a beautiful little girl who is unique in her own way. WE LOVE HER BUNCHES and miss her.

addyandwest said...

i seriously think aves and weston are SO much alike! you are is beautiful work. HARD work at times, but beautiful! she is a doll and you are an awesome mom!

Laura said...

beautiful, indeed!