Friday, April 29, 2011

tomorrow i'm 30

since wednesday, 5 of you awesome people have told me in one way or another that you've purchased a Grow Card in honor of my birthday.

thank you. you are awesome and i feel so blessed.

celebrate with me! just 25 to go :)

last weekend my aunt and uncle came into town to work on wedding stuff with kayla and luis.

the tedious task of putting together invitations ( i totally love helping with stuff like this)

and everyone came over for enchiladas for grandma's birthday dinner (i also totally love having family in my home)

p.s. i'm a self proclaimed snow/cold weather lover, but seriously, i'm ready for sun and parks and flip flops and sweaty kiddos that smell like sunscreen....come on colorado; give us what we want.

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Sandi Elsberry said...

Something is wrong with this picture - we weren't there. MISS YOU!