Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i love this roster

*updated: roster is now closed*

Avery Houle
Jordan Butler
Alyssa Walker
Hunter Moffat
Asher Finzel
Jack White
Justus Fike
Eve Cline
Jones Cline
Amiah Goad
Josie Jackson
Esmae Birgy
Brooklyn Berruti
Judah Berruti
Elianna Orsillo
Cosette Neal

***okay folks. that's 16. have to shut er down. if you've emailed or talked with me before about being interested, email me again and we might be able to figure it out....some of these kids can't be at ALL of it, so chances are you can still do most of the sessions***
if you left a comment last week and don't see your name on here, i'm really sorry. blogger was wacko for like 30 hours and i lost some comments.

worked on it more this morning. cheers and memory verses and skill games oh my :)

here's the original post in case you've no idea what i'm talking about....


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Add Cosette Neal, please!