Tuesday, May 24, 2011

love wins

okay, so i know that the title is loaded. but this post isn't. promise.

i've been submerged in rob bell's newest controversial book this week. i'm not quite done. i'm asking loads of questions while i meander through these pages during the early mornings and fleeting nap time hours, but i will say this: i love chapter 2.

the way he describes "heaven" and the "kingdom of God" has my heart pounding and my blood pumping.

Jesus gives us a challenge in the gospels. will you be a part of bringing heaven to earth? will you step up and live radically in order that God's Kingdom is not then and there, but rather here and now?

yes. oh yes, i want in.

"around a billion people in the world today do not have access to clean water. people will have access to clean water in the age to come, and so working for clean water access for all is participating now in the life of the age to come.

that's what happens when the future is dragged into the present."

i'm not sure why this concept is so profound to me. i mean, didn't Jesus teach us to pray "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."?

God's Kingdom.
God's Will.
happening here? now?

of course. yes. that's what we want.

so i'm reading through this chapter and i literally am picturing those ugandan farmers, the ones ya'll helped me support for my birthday and i realize:

"Oh my. that's bringing God's kingdom here."

those irrigation pumps are actually bringing heaven to earth. fabulous.

and remember when we gave so that people could learn how to fix wells? so that those wells could provide clean water for surrounding communities?

heaven on earth.

and how about the coal efficient stoves that provide jobs and save lives in haiti?

heaven on earth.

i love the adventure project. and i know you do too.

if you haven't heard about 1 to 1000, let me introduce you to the newest effort by tap that is working hard core to bring heaven to earth.

we are trying to get 1000 of us to set up an about.me site in order to get Bill Gates attention. (read more about that here)

here's mine.

we've got 10 days. well, 8 actually. so do it soon. right now, in fact. :)

set one up here. and use one of these pictures for your background.
and then ask someone else to do it too.

there are 111 right now. we need 889 more in 8 days.

i suppose jody's words sum it up best:

"And it’s one of those rare and awesome opportunities to change the world with a computer and 15 minutes."


Amanda said...

I just finished reading Love Wins yesterday - interesting. I also enjoyed reading this review of the book. It's long but good http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung/2011/03/14/rob-bell-love-wins-review/

I agree I hadn't really given much thought to bringing heaven to earth before

Courtney Cassada said...

love this post. how you can turn something "controversial" back to Him. to truth. love you!